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How to stop mascara smudging under eyes? Top Makeup Artist in Delhi

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Mascara smudge under eyes is probably something you’ve experienced more than once, but it never gets any less frustrating. Many times, Mascara transfers to the brow bone and it surely doesn’t look great. The last thing you should be worrying about is how your makeup is holding up, whether you’re caught in the rain or start crying out of the blue. Oil, including the oil produced by your face, is a great makeup remover. Oils on your face will affect your mascara in the same way they affect the foundation. Don’t worry!! Below are some of the most dependable solutions for preventing mascara smudging and achieving the ideal mascara look, as explained by one of the top makeup artist in Delhi

How to stop mascara smudging under eyes throughout the day?

1. Wash your skin with a mild cleanser before applying makeup.

The majority of people are unaware that the steps you take before applying your mascara have a big impact. Mascara that smudges all day is typically brought on by your lashes rubbing against the oils in your skin. You should start with clean skin to assist lower the possibility that might happen. Use a light cleanser that is safe around your eyes in the morning since your eyelids might become greasy.

2. Use oil-absorbing paper to wipe the area around your eyes.

Rice paper that has been dusted with powder is specifically made to remove oil from your face, leaving you with matte, clean skin. Before applying eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara, try lightly dabbing the area around your eyes with a piece of paper to remove any grease.

3. Curl your Eyelashes

Curling your eyelashes ensures that you elevate them and minimise mascara smudges. Start by using a high-quality eyelash curler to effectively curl your lashes.

4. Make use of eyelash primer

Apply a primer after curling your eyelashes. Simply apply the same mixture to your eyelids and under eye the region if you’re already using a face primer. Put a little touch of eye primer around your eyes if you don’t use a primer on your entire face. As a result, a matte barrier will be created, blocking off oil, and presumably preventing mascara transfer. The use of primer gives eyelashes greater definition and curl while facilitating better adhesion of mascara formulae to the lashes. Simply said, there will be less smudging. Prior to applying your mascara, be careful to let the primer dry completely.

5. Gently apply your mascara.

You may use eyeshadow, eyeliner, and many coats of mascara depending on the look you want to create, or if you want a more natural appearance, you may simply apply a light coat of mascara to your lashes and head out the door. In any case, it’s most likely that your mascara will budge shortly after you apply it, so try to keep your eyes open for at least a minute to give it time to dry. Try using mascara exclusively on the top lashes if you have watery eyes or notice that it smudges every time you use it on the lower lashes. Your preferred mascara should be covered with one layer of waterproof or water-resistant mascara to keep it in place.

6. After applying your makeup, apply translucent powder under your eyes.

The translucent powder used lightly around the eyes can help maintain the skin matte and free of oil, which is a primary cause of smudging. Apply a thick layer of translucent powder beneath your eyes using a tiny, gentle brush. After allowing it to settle for 5–10 minutes, remove any extra powder. Baking is the name of the technique that helps set your makeup so that it lasts all day by reducing shine and grease.  Even so, it still appears really natural and isn’t overly bulky.

7. Take Care of Your Skin

If your mascara continues to smear, consider your skincare routine. If you use an eye cream, make sure it’s completely absorbed and dried before applying makeup.

Makeup that contains oil or feels extremely slippery might cause your mascara and eye makeup to rub off, so give yourself lots of time to prepare before you begin applying your makeup. let a half-hour to an hour between skincare and makeup to let them have time to absorb and not interfere with one other. If your skin becomes oily during the day, apply oil-blotting sheets to reduce shine and smudging.

8. Don’t Touch your Face and prevent mascara smudging.

Touching your face is simple and may result in significant eye makeup blunders. If you use a tissue to delicately dab your eyes instead of rubbing them, you’ll quickly develop a fresh routine of keeping your hands off your face.

While many mascaras advertise mascara smudge-proof wear or application, how well it works during the day depends more on how you apply it. With these tips you are ready to apply mascara without having a fear of it smudging. You can get diverse eye makeup ideas from the best makeup artists in Delhi.

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