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Mouna Lall is a Famous Makeup Artist in Delhi known especially for her bridal makeup, engagement makeup, party makeup, hairstyling and all other beauty solutions. Mouna’s fascination with beauty began with hair, and her skills as a Hair and Makeup Artist in Delhi are a thing of legend, she has evolved with the times and has begun extending her services homewards by becoming a  Makeup Artist at Home in Delhi

Now with Mouna Lall Makeup Academy, she is helping new makeup artists to become professionals

She individualizes and tailors a unique look for every client. Being a well known Traveling Makeup Artist from Delhi, Mouna Lall has become a very reputed and premium make artist whose name is among top makeup professionals with in the industry.

Her first Makeup Salon in Delhi was launched back in 1996 and since then her makeup services have reached all over India & worldwide.

Mouna has been doing makeup since she was a girl and the years of experience and international experience show. Mouna is a specialist at facial contouring and tone matching. Her makeup doesn’t hide her clients, it illuminates and highlights who they are, not what they look like. All glam, only natural, no nonsense, Mouna sometimes says “NO” to her clients if she feels the look or getup won’t suit them best. This is why her clients become friends.

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Mouna labels her work “Natural Glam” in case someone asks. By this she means to say that looking glamorous is one thing, the reason why we choose makeup essentially, but being natural is equally important, if not more. So combining the two has been a lifelong endeavor of hers. “I see the people before I see clients” says Mouna, “they should never ever be found looking unsure of themselves in my makeup” because “makeup should bring out the Diva in you.

Mouna has worked with some of the biggest names from the entertainment industry, been featured numerous times and made appearances on national television. She’s been in the makeup and hair industry for over two decades, travelling throughout the world and India on assignments. She launched her Makeup Academy in 2014 and has mentored and guided numerous makeup artists towards great careers in the field. Her haircuts are a thing of legend, she was the first one cutting Bobs in Delhi. Her global experience and expertise in all things beauty, be it makeup or hair or skin or whatever you can name, have furthered her legend.

Mouna has trained all her staff herself., ensuring her legacy is carried forward and a professional approach towards  bridal makeup and personal touch towards clients have taken her salons to great depths in people’s hearts. Apart from bridal makeup, she is sought out for engagement makeup, party makeup, hairstyling and all other beauty solutions.

Mouna is a name you or anybody you know you can always trust. If anyone needs a makeup artist in Delhi, they look no further than Mouna, because after meeting her, you won’t need to meet anyone else.

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