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Holi – the festival of colours is now where you can flaunt your style statement and enjoy the 1000-year-old tradition of playing Holi. we know colours aren’t as pure as they used to be which means we need to protect and prep our hair before stepping into the field of colours.  Whether you’re more into modern chic, classic elegance, or something different, we’ve put together a list of the best hairstyles for women so you may look gorgeous and enjoy the rainbow of Holi colours. 

Come along with us as we explore a range of looks that will not only accelerate your festive vibe but also endure the exuberant Holi celebrations. 

Hairstyles for Holi 

In this expert guide by Mouna Lall – a leading makeup artist in Delhi we will lay down the best hairstyles for girls. Make sure to try them out and rock your Holi slay game.

  • Evergreen braid style

It’s a chic and classic hairstyle that expertly blends the exquisite skill of braiding with a dash of ethnic elegance. This approach includes intricately braiding your hair to provide a gorgeous visual impact that improves the way you appear overall. The adaptability of “Braid” to fit different hair lengths and textures is what makes it so beautiful.

Consider adding bright and colourful accessories to the braids, such as ribbons, flowers, or even little ornaments, to uplift the beauty of this hairstyle for Holi. These modifications successfully combine traditional and modern design elements while still honouring the joyous spirit of Holi. It’s the ideal option for anyone looking for a classic hairstyle. It blends traditional components with contemporary flair.

  • High ponytails with add-ons

The chic and fashionable “High Ponytail with add-ons” gives the traditional high ponytail a contemporary makeover. By adding artistic touches to the classic ponytail, you may obtain this sophisticated and fashionable look with a dash of flare. Start by pulling your hair up into a high ponytail at the top of your head to get this style. Add a twist or braid along the length of the ponytail in place of a plain, straight ponytail. This twist might be a basic hair twist or it can be a rope braid or fishtail braid.

Consider securing the ponytail and highlighting the twist with fashionable accessories like vibrant scrunchies, hairpins, or ribbons to further enhance the whole look. These additions may be matched with Holi’s vivid colours to create a festive and harmonic look. Whether you’re participating in the lighthearted colour exchange or dancing to the beat of the festival, this hairstyle guarantees that you’ll look chic and feel cosy the entire time.

  • Messy Buns

The “Messy Bun” is a loose effortlessly attractive hairstyle that has become quite popular due to its appeal for both comfort and style. This adaptable style perfectly embodies casual elegance and is ideal for several events, including the colourful Holi celebrations.

To pull off the “Messy Bun,” start by pulling your hair back into a loose ponytail. Leave some strands out for a purposefully messy look. After securing the ponytail, create a bun by twisting or wrapping the hair around the ponytail’s root. In contrast to a polished and elegant bun, the “Messy Bun” promotes a more carefree attitude. Let strands or loose ends hang loose to frame your face and enhance the carefree attractiveness of the whole look.

Consider accessorising the “Messy Bun” with traditional Indian pieces like a gajra (a string of flowers) or vibrant hairpins to amp up the celebratory atmosphere for Holi. These embellishments not only highlight the festival’s vast ethnic diversity but also give the hairstyle’s carefree elegance a little pop of colour.

  • Temporary hair colours

For “Holi-Inspired Hair Colours,” you can use coloured hair sprays or temporary hair colours that are easy to remove after the Holi festival. Pick a variety of vivid and upbeat colours, such as reds, blues, greens, yellows, and pinks, that are reminiscent of the classic Holi colours. Combine these hues to create a unique palette that captures the joyous spirit of the event.

If you’d rather take a more modest approach, consider using highlights or pastel colours that are carefully dispersed throughout your hair. This enables you to wear the trend with style while being more refined and subtle.

You may add an extra layer of festivity to your entire look by accessorising your Holi-inspired hair colours with flower crowns, hairpins, or hair wraps. You may match the colours of these accessories to the hues in your hair to create a stylish and striking combo.

End word

We hope this guide was useful for you. It would be our great pleasure at top makeup to serve you with the best hairstyles on this beautiful and colourful occasion of Holi. Keep in mind that your hair is a blank canvas waiting to capture the happiness and the hues of this captivating occasion.

We hope this Holi is full of the vivid colours that characterise this auspicious event, as well as joy and love. Whichever hairstyle you decide on, let it showcase both your flair and the vibrant cultural fabric of Holi. May your hair serve as a symbol of the elegance of custom, the thrill of contemporary fashion, and the boundless happiness that accompanies commemorating life’s most vibrant occasions as you fully immerse yourself in the celebrations.

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