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How to choose the perfect makeup artist for your wedding

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Are you getting married soon and need clarification about how to look flawless with the help of a makeup artist? Choosing a makeup artist can be tricky and tiresome, but not anymore. In this comprehensive guide on choosing the perfect makeup for your wedding, we will share the tips and tricks, along with some insider tips by Mouna Lall – a leading makeup artist in Delhi.

Research your MUA

The first and foremost thing to do is to research your makeup artists. Enquire from your friends and relatives about their trusted makeup artists. Curate a list of all the makeup artists you like and dig deeper to know about their work, reviews, and certifications. Ensure the MUAs have a portfolio and positive reviews from their previous clients. Also, word of mouth is typically the most dependable approach to finding a makeup artist whose abilities and talents fit your beauty objectives.

Tip: Check their Instagram account for the latest work and website for portfolios, prices, services, and more.

Choose an MUA who meets your goals

You need to set your goals before approaching makeup artists. What kind of makeup are you looking for? Subtle or glamorous? Is there any brand that you prefer? Discuss all your goals with your chosen MUA to avoid mishaps on the wedding day. Having a broad perspective and ensuring that the MUA you are talking with provides this type of service is essential.

Tip: Save all the desired looks in your phone and show them to your MUA to ensure they understand your goals and deliver the same.

Get a trial

Most MUAs provide a pre-wedding trial to understand your desires and give you an idea of how the makeup would look on you. Book a trial with your chosen wedding makeup artist, as it gives you enough time to make any changes if required. Many makeup artists use filters on pictures and videos to enhance the features of their customers. By getting a trial, you will see the filterless work and gain confidence in your makeup artist.

Tip: book a trial with your makeup artist and inform them whether you will have a day or a night wedding to get your desired look.

Don’t be lured to do your makeup or let a friend do it.

When you plan a wedding, everyone will recommend the best MUAs. Some family and friends will even give you their services for free! It’s enticing but if they don’t work professionally in this industry daily. Wedding mornings may be stressful, and suddenly your hand may not seem as stable with the many concerns you’ll be dealing with. Or, maybe in the bustle of the morning, you forgot your makeup bag. It is best to choose a professional wedding makeup artist and enjoy every moment of the spotlight and rest.

Tip: politely turn them down and trust the process. A makeup artist will deliver what you ask for without compromise, and all your family can enjoy the wedding festivities.

Reach out on time

Many brides wait for a good time before reaching out and finalising a makeup artist. Like every other thing, booking a makeup artist on time is an essential step. What if your desired makeup is booked on your wedding day? What your timings don’t suit them? To avoid these inconveniences, you must book your makeup artist at least 4-6 months before your big day. You do not want to miss out on working with your preferred makeup artist just because you waited too long.

Tip: book your makeup artist while finalising the dress and the venue. Show your dress to the makeup artist to get their views on your makeup looks.

Consider their hygiene practice

A makeup artist works with not just one but many brides. The brushes and products touch various brides and skin types. Ensure the MUA you are choosing practices a hygienic and sanitising makeup procedure. Double-dipping, no or wrong brush cleaning, blowing on brushes, using an unclean cosmetic kit, recycling disposables such as makeup sponges and mascara straight from the tube, using fingers and hands as palettes, and so on are all examples of poor hygiene standards in makeup application.

Tip: Your hygiene and health are important, ask the makeup artists about their hygiene practices and note their response.

Consider the products they use

It is essential to consider the products makeup artists are using. A makeup will use a mix of various makeup products from renowned or at least a good quality brand to help you achieve your dream look. Many brides are adopting sustainable lifestyles so if you are one of them, look for makeup artists using cruelty-free and vegan makeup products. Good makeup will last for a whole day to ensure you have great pictures and look refreshing through all the rituals.

Tip: you may google some products to check their authenticity and reviews to ensure you are in good hands.

Summing it up

Choosing the right makeup artist for your wedding is an important decision that may have a significant impact on your experience and overall appearance on your big day. Remember, communication is essential throughout the process, from early consultations to trial runs, to ensure that your makeup artist knows your preferences and can transform them into a lovely bridal look.

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