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Makeup Tips for Rainy Season in Delhi | Makeup artist in Delhi

Welcome to the comprehensive guide to looking perfect in the rainy season in Delhi with your flawless makeup! As the monsoon season arrives in the city, it is essential to adopt a new makeup regimen to combat the humidity and rain in this season. You can

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Makeup Ideas for Holi and How to take care of skin during Holi

Makeup Ideas for Holi | How to take care of skin during Holi

Holi is one of the most vibrant and joyous festivals celebrated in India. It is a festival of colors, where people smear each other with colored powders and water, dance to music and feast on delicious food. For women, It is a time to get dressed

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Customized makeup tips and tricks for your special occasions

Customized makeup tips and tricks for special occasions | Makeup trends 2022

How to do customized makeup tips according to different seasons in India: Makeup Trends 2022 Different bridal trends come up every year, but what about some seasonal trends awaiting just for you. Pastels are in for some time now and you couldn’t agree less onto how

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Professional makeup and hairstyle expert in Delhi

Why You Should Choose Mouna Lall Makeup Academy for professional makeup courses?

Mouna has been a name synonymous with the makeup and hair industry for over two decades, her craft was honed with years of experience and learning herself. Like any good artist, Mouna too, wanted to share her knowledge with aspiring makeup artists. “By teaching, you learn

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