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Customized makeup tips and tricks for special occasions | Makeup trends 2022

Customized makeup tips and tricks for your special occasions

How to do customized makeup tips according to different seasons in India: Makeup Trends 2022

Different bridal trends come up every year, but what about some seasonal trends awaiting just for you. Pastels are in for some time now and you couldn’t agree less onto how beautiful they look. Be it in outfits, accessories or makeup.

Any bridal outfit could stand or fall according to the makeup donned by the bride.

Spring style makeups– As spring is the beginning of any new year and thus it’s all floral and misty around, a spring bride should be a beachy laid back bride with lightly tinted blush, rosy light lips and a bronze shade eyeshadow. with a low tied bun in a most bohemian style, you could carry it. A a beautiful yellow outfit or a floral outfit with chunks of natural flowers or may be artificial ones can do wonders and beautifully set brow tones. Makeup should be pretty subtle as your outfit will speak up for you. Blusher has a significant impact on how your face looks.

Light-colored blushers, like salmon, are appropriate for spring and can give your face a more youthful appearance.

Summer makeup ideas– Summers are usually for glitzy getaway weddings for a destination like Udaipur/ Jaipur, where not too much of dolling up is required. A bright haute pink and tons of beautiful greens can turn a dull day into interesting one. However, makeup  should be experimental here, something with brown on the lips and a neutral eyeshadow with no liner and little kajal in the corners will do the trick.

As it’s hot in summer everything light is soothing to the eyes. Hence the chisen outfits should be in lighter tones likes pink peach gold buiscuit pink aquas powder blue whites with floral prints which are so much in fashion these days. The work on the outfits should be light and not too jarring to the eyes the blouse can be a sexy sleeveless tie In the back with a deep back and the dupattas should be sheer giving the bride an etereal light and dainty look. The bride ahould also be comfortable in her outfit. Jewellery should again  be nit too chunky and just a signature maamg tika and nath along with the main jewellery in kundan polki or diamonds will be nice.

The makeup should be as light as ever with a very light foundation glowing rosy cheeks nude to medium shade lippers amd medium eyeshadows without smokey eyes thin liners preferably in shades of aqua royal blue greys or brown and kajal should be very light or can be given a miss. Highlighters should be in lighter shades and gold and bronze should be avoided. Eyelashes should be kept natural too. Hair too should be styled in a simpler manner so that it holds amidst all the sweating.  

Blush and eye shadow colours can complement one other. Additionally advised for blusher during this season are light hues like light pink.

Autumn makeup styles– Autumn is the time to play with cold colours and vibrant clothing, for that is the month for the winters to approach and so is the season not so hot neither cold. Your outfits should be the show stealer with good cold colours like electric blue, paparazzi greens, smouldering reds and not to miss ivory golds. A good amount of highlights to brighten up not only your features but also your collar bones, with shoulders kept on the limelight. You can apply two shades of kajal on the under eyes and 3D eyeshadows on the top to mix it up.

Where lipstick should be peach topped with a little gloss to make it shinier. Autumn is the time for a shudder rusts outfits where makeup has to be glowy, highlighters are very important as it will literally bring your outfits to life with a good bronzing and contouring on the face.  Usually autumn is the most desired time of people getting married, makeup shouldn’t be too loud for the bride and people to see and get frightened. The skin becomes dry and pallid from the cold. You can use blusher in shades of pink or tomato to give your face a lot of warmth this season. However, take care not to utilise these hues excessively.

Winter Customized makeup tips– Winters usually had beautiful reds with golden gotta work, makeup here should be bright shiny and glowy as winter is the time for our natural skin to glow. And that is the time where makeup should be loud and glamorous, as you wouldn’t wish to look less than any queen. Here you can experiment with darker shades of maroons, a golden palette for your cheeks and lips. 

This is one season that you can do what ever your heart desires. Darker colours like reds berries, maroons hot pinks rusts golds and also the lighter colours according to choice can be chosen. The jewellery can be gold or heavy polki ofcouse coordinated and styled according to the dress. Hair styles can be elaborate updoes and even voluminous open hairstyles can be carried with a lot of fresh flowers used like small rose, buds, orchids chrysanthemums, gerberas tuberoses.

Warm medium to dark smokey eyes with glitter usage and dark kohled eyes can be chosen along with a lighter shade of lipstick or vice versa. The highlighter can be liberally used and the makeup can be a little more leberally used. The cheeks can be more peachy and bronzy. Generally speaking choose whatever you want but make sure every thing is not over the top. Since there are multiple functions its a good idea to have light to medium to heavy outfits with coordinated makeup looks and jewellery is a good idea. Use of glitter can be liberal.

You can clearly see that makeup requires different natural and chemicals products. Since the every skin is not same and not all products suite all types of skin so when chemicals are used for skincare or makeup, it may react and results in acne too which is why you should always use natural makeup products because they don’t cause any harm to skin.

It’s preferable to use peachy, pink, and red blushers rather than dark blushers like brown so that you may achieve the necessary harmony between skin tone and cheek colour and give your cheeks a warm appearance.

These were recommended tips and tricks for Customized makeup for your special occasions as per Top 10 Makeup professionals and Clipping Salons in Delhi

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