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Makeup Tips for Rainy Season in Delhi | Makeup artist in Delhi

Welcome to the comprehensive guide to looking perfect in the rainy season in Delhi with your flawless makeup! As the monsoon season arrives in the city, it is essential to adopt a new makeup regimen to combat the humidity and rain in this season. You can ensure your makeup is always on point regardless of the weather with our following five professional makeup tips for you this monsoon:

Top 5 makeup tips for Rainy Season

  1. Primer Power: The first step to a long-lasting makeup look during the rainy season is to embrace the power of a primer. This magical potion creates a smooth and even base, helping your makeup adhere better and last longer, even in the face of humidity and rain. Look for a water-resistant primer that suits your skin type. Apply a small amount on your face, focusing on areas that tend to get oily, and watch your makeup stay put all day long.
  2. Light and Waterproof Foundation: Let go of heavy foundations that may feel uncomfortable and cakey during the monsoons. Instead, you can opt for a lightweight, oil-free, and waterproof foundation. These formulations offer excellent coverage while allowing your skin to breathe, preventing that greasy feeling that humidity can cause. Ensure the foundation matches your skin tone perfectly for a natural finish, and you’ll be ready to face the rain confidently.
  3. Less is More with Eye Makeup: During the rainy season, simplicity is essential when it comes to eye makeup. Avoid elaborate eyeshadow looks and creamy eyeliners that might smudge. Instead, go for waterproof and smudge-proof eyeliners and mascaras to define your eyes without any worries. Neutral eyeshadow shades work best in this monsoon weather and remember to apply them lightly for a fresh dewy and effortless appearance.
  4. Blushing Cheeks and Tinted Lips: The monsoons call for a more subtle and natural makeup approach. Swap your powder blush for cheek and lip stains that provide a long-lasting and water-resistant flush of colour. These stains give your cheeks a healthy glow and add a subtle tint to your lips, enhancing your natural beauty while surviving the raindrops.
  5. Seal the Deal with a Setting Spray: Once you have completed your makeup look, finish the makeup with a setting spray. This final step locks in your hard work and creates a protective shield against unpredictable weather. Look for a setting spray that suits your skin type – a mattifying one for oily skin and a hydrating one for dry skin. With the setting spray in place, your makeup will stay intact, no matter how many rain showers you encounter.


The rainy season in Delhi may pose a challenge to you to maintain your makeup look, but with the right products and techniques, you can embrace the monsoons with confidence and style. You can now enjoy the rainy season without compromising your stunning appearance with these above-mentioned five professional makeup tips. So, step out and let your radiant beauty shine, in the rainy season! Get ready to shine like a star even on gloomy days! If you still need assistance, you can still connect with the top makeup artist in Delhi or visit their makeup salon in Punjabi Bagh

Happy monsoons and happy makeup!

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