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Every little thing counts on your wedding day as it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event, especially regarding your gorgeous bridal glow. In this specially curated wedding makeup tutorial, we’ll guide you on how to get your ideal bridal look while highlighting your natural beauty and making sure you look beautiful on your special day. We at Mouna Lall’s Makeup Academy take care of everything from the perfect base to the attractive eye makeup and the final touches that bring out the best in your features.

Keep reading this guide to discover the best makeup tips & tricks and everything you need to know to make your special day more special.

Tips for having flawless wedding makeup

Our Makeup artist in Delhi has compiled a list of tips that will enable you to radiate confidence and elegance on your big day, from preparing your skin to selecting the best products and perfecting application methods. Keep reading as we explore the world of natural wedding makeup and learn the methods for achieving flawless bridal makeup, which will also enhance your special moments.

●     Make sure to do your research

For future brides who are thinking about doing their makeup or working with a makeup artist, the advice to “do your research” is invaluable. To achieve the perfect base and makeup thorough research is important. Explore different makeup brands and products to determine which ones suit your skin tone, type, and desired wedding day look. Make sure you select high-quality, long-lasting products by reading online reviews and also about the experience of brides with different brands.

To put it simply, “doing your research” in the world of wedding makeup is learning as much as you can about pros, products, and procedures so that you may make decisions with confidence that will help your bridal beauty look its best on the most significant day of your life.

●     Prepare your skin

Starting with skincare is similar to giving your face a loving regimen before applying bridal makeup. Making your skin happy and healthy is key to improving the appearance and longevity of your makeup.

You should always start by applying a suitable cleanser on your face. This leaves your skin clear and prepared by removing dirt and impurities. To feel smooth and moisturised, put on an excellent sunscreen and moisturiser. This keeps your makeup from seeming spotty or dry and helps it adhere properly. Consider primer to be your face’s foundation coat. It smoothes your skin and aids in the makeup’s proper application, giving you a gorgeous appearance.

●     Select your theme beforehand

It is important to know the venue and theme beforehand. Take into account the lightning. If you’re having a day wedding make sure not to go overboard with gaudy makeup as natural sunlight will already enhance your features so you can choose the subtle style and let the lightning will do its magic. If you’re having a night wedding you can choose to go a little overboard as the lighting may not be too bright resulting in making your makeup look dull.

Also, your theme should be kept in mind. The type of flowers you choose. The type of colour scheme you choose. Everything you do should also reflect in your makeup.

●     The right shade of foundation

When you invest in makeup the biggest and the most important investment is the “foundation”. Make sure to choose the right shade which is not too light and not too dark or else you might not achieve the look you’re hoping for.

If you’re thinking of getting your makeup done by a makeup artist, also get a demo of makeup done so that you can and the makeup artist can mutually decide on all the looks you’re hoping to get. It will also give them an idea of your skin type and the right foundation shade for you.

●     Brows and lips

Get your eyebrows and upper lips done beforehand. Now coming to the styling. Make sure you get a good quality eyebrow gel to keep your brows in place. Use the right shade of eyebrow pencil/powder to further enhance the shape of your brows.

When it comes to lip styling. Make sure you hydrate your lips with a good lip balm. Consult your makeup artist to know what will suit you best for you. After hydrating your lips, you should choose the right lip shade according to your skin tone and the dress you’re going to wear. Make sure to invest in a good lipliner to define the shape of your lips.

●     Carry a touchup kit

Even the most flawless makeup application will eventually fade off because weddings take several hours to complete. If you’re doing your makeup, you should invest in mini-sized products or mini-sized bottles to store your products which can be re-applied during the wedding ceremonies.

If you’re getting your makeup done by a makeup artist then ask them to give you a touchup kit. Nowadays almost every makeup artist gives you a mini touchup kit. A touchup kit usually consists of a compact mirror, mini lipstick swatch, compact powder and blush.

There you have it a comprehensive guide on the best wedding makeup tutorials. You can revisit this blog to refresh your memory and take tips while reading this. Remember to stay true to yourself and not get carried away by the world of social media. All the best for your big day!

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