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Day: September 4, 2022

Professional makeup and hairstyle expert in Delhi

Hairstyle Expert explaining hair color, curls at MounaLall Makeup Academy

I don’t think anybody really dares to ignore their hair, it’s so sacred to our identity, it’s lovely when it’s natural and it’s lovely when played around with, it’s hair after all. And yes, we need makeup every now and then, but hair, oh god, hair

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Top makeup artist in India

Top Makeup artist in India explains Makeup and Makeovers

Makeup and makeovers aren’t the same thing, unless you get them from Top Makeup Artist in India. An amazing makeup is one that enhances your looks in a natural way, because it’s not makeup, it has to have a natural transformative feel to it. An amazing

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Airbrush makeup for bridal makeup in Delhi

Brush or Airbrush Makeup: Which is better for Wedding Makeup?

I’m sure most of you have heard of airbrush makeup and brush makeup, clearly the names suggest that while a makeup brush is used for regular makeup, an “air” brush which aerosolises makeup and applies makeup in an almost spray like manner. And tell me who

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Customized makeup tips and tricks for your special occasions

Customized makeup tips and tricks for special occasions | Makeup trends 2022

How to do customized makeup tips according to different seasons in India: Makeup Trends 2022 Different bridal trends come up every year, but what about some seasonal trends awaiting just for you. Pastels are in for some time now and you couldn’t agree less onto how

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