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Top Makeup artist in India explains Makeup and Makeovers

Top makeup artist in India

Makeup and makeovers aren’t the same thing, unless you get them from Top Makeup Artist in India. An amazing makeup is one that enhances your looks in a natural way, because it’s not makeup, it has to have a natural transformative feel to it. An amazing makeover highlights your good features, while concealing tiny imperfections like scars, acne, dark circles. Never should it even suggest that any product, leave alone a lot of product, has been used. So the makeover should look like second skin without looking over the top. Makeovers and hairstyle are equally important. Hair should look naturally glamorous and not over the top. For one of India’s most Best Traveling Makeup Artist, Mouna, “when all the above come together, that for me, is called an amazing makeover. When the person getting the makeover loves herself so much that she walks out with confidence and beauty, that shine both inside and outside”. She also provides her services as Amazing Makeup Artist at Home.

The foundation or bass bass should be the natural tone of your skin, and the blush should give you a little colour which is closest to resemblance with your natural skin tone. It should be like you’ve just come back from being out in the sun with flushed rosy cheeks.  Absolutely no lines on the face whatsoever, rather it should blend in to the foundation. An Amazing Makeup also depends on an artist like Mona who has experience and can see and understand what the client wants and if she doesn’t like something can put it across politely and do exactly what she feels will be right, and give her a beautiful amazing makeover. She is a well-known Amazing Makeup Artist in India.

We Indians have very beautiful eyes and it is important and eye makeup should not be over the top with too much glitter or excessively harsh strong colours that you know you have a cartoonish kind of look. The eye makeup should complement, and almost follow the tone of the lipstick, or the other way round. Amazing makeup should never be the same colour as your outfit, this gives you a one sided, monotonous look. Eye makeup or lip colours should break the monotony of the whole look.

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