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I don’t think anybody really dares to ignore their hair, it’s so sacred to our identity, it’s lovely when it’s natural and it’s lovely when played around with, it’s hair after all. And yes, we need makeup every now and then, but hair, oh god, hair is the makeup for our everyday living, hair is the regular game changer, and haircuts and hairstyling are easy to do, and get done. A person’s entire appeal and appearance can change completely, with a simple cut and style. It’s good for us ladies to look the part, to kill them in our wake, to carry ourselves with whatever form of confidence we want, and hair is the best bet for every occasion.And in case you’ve been rotting away with lame haircuts and stylists? 

Get one haircut from Mouna the professional Hairstyle Expert in Delhi, or even get it styled, and if you don’t like it, money back, guaranteed! Her haircuts and hairstyles are a thing of legend, and she literally has to refuse hair appointments in order to breathe. She’s an 80’s kid who has seen style after style, from retro to modern, whatever modern is. Bob or knob, doesn’t matter, Mouna is the only name you need to remember.  Her haircuts have been availed all over India and across the world. With her masterful prowess, backed by years of experienced, her  hands and scissors can give you any twist and cut,  from any obscure phase of time gone by the latest trending cuts,  so you can get the look you want, or another look, or another, or another. You can’t be a shapeshifter, but your hair can be shifted around. 

In case we never meet and the content above wasn’t enough to impress you, then here are a few tips from your Hairstyle Expert, generally, cause we still love you.  

  1. Know your Hair type

If you don’t know your type, at least know your hair type , it’ll help you choose the best hair products for your hair styling. This is only the basic knowledge you have but if your hair type is complicated then you can consult a hair styling & makeup expert. 

  1. Blow-drying 

Using a blowdryer for styling your  hair is good and it’s great when you have to dry your mop quickly, but too much isn’t. And if your technique is off, you could do some damage. In case you don’t understand the method or just don’t care to do it properly at home, just walk over to a proper salon or consult someone who knows their hair. 

  1. Curly Girly

If you have naturally straight hair you can blow dry them straight, and just a teeny weeny bit of serum or non hardening  gel can stop them curling at the ends. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair you shouldn’t get curled up because it’s harder to blow dry and style those lovely ringlets of yours. Some, only some, straightening iron damage is normal, but with the right products and responsible usage and application, a. flat iron can be your closet friend for beautiful, shiny hair.

  1. Bang Bangs

Hair grows fast which means if you have bangs, you need to know how to properly trim your hair to save time and money. Bangs can become bust if your hand slips, and you know about expectations vs reality? That usually happens when you try it yourself. So go on over for the first few times before trying for yourself. 

  1. Hair Teasing

The only kind of teasing we like, where you back-comb your hair to give it more bloom and boom. It’s such an old yet timeless technique, it’s never gone out of fashion. Look up some videos, but do it on  dry and de-knotted hair only, and use a fine-tooth comb, or a tail comb. It’s not an easy tease, if we may say so ourselves, and going over for a one on one session would be better than going all out initially. 

  1. Fizz Fights

Aaarghhhhh, the fizz is this? Hate fizz, so do we, it’s the only thing worse than sleeping lesser than one would like to. And we are all created, but unequally so, in terms of fizz. Some hair types are naturally prone to way more frizz, but with the right haircut and treatment, the frizz will go out of biz.

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