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Trending Makeup Ideas for Haldi Ceremony

Haldi ceremony makeup ideas

One of the most crucial elements of a wedding is the haldi ritual. In this custom, family members apply haldi to the bride’s forehead as a gesture of blessing. If you’re getting married soon, today is one of your most ideal days ever. During the ceremony, the photographer will snap candid pictures of you, and of course, you want to look picture-perfect. Even if you might already have a professional beauty and makeup artist booked for your wedding, you could always apply some makeup yourself on the day of your haldi, you can check the makeup ideas for haldi ceremony below. Marriages are a major cause for celebration in our nation. The agenda is extremely full with a variety of activities before and after the function. Weddings are the ideal occasion for spending time with loved ones, celebrating, dressing up, and snapping stunning selfies. Haldi is a significant pre-wedding event, to say the least.

Nowadays, weddings take fashion very seriously. A lot of preparation goes into it, including colour coordinating and clothing codes. Yellow is a preferred hue for this occasion because it represents turmeric, which is used in Haldi to cleanse the skin and as a good omen for the big day. The hue is vivacious and festive, representing the positive and joyous energy.It sets the right mood for all the fun and cheer around and is a perfect color for the afternoon Haldi function.

Along with this shade, modern celebrities and fashion publications have inspired Haldi styling and makeup choices. So, after finding the ideal attire and jewellery, you should focus on doing cosmetics. Here are some crucial makeup hints for your Haldi event, from a gentle midday makeup look to a wacky makeup style!

The chances of you being in the same state as in the movie Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani Haldi Ceremony are high when you have some crazy friends or relatives nearby, and it is obvious that you would not wear a full face of cosmetics on that day. So, in order to help you appear lovely at your haldi ceremony even with haldi all over your skin, here are some fundamental beauty advice.

Makeup artists in Delhi shares Idea for makeup and beauty for haldi ceremony:

  • Choose your base
  • Add bronze to the eyes
  • Create a winged eye
  • Go for a sunkissed look
  • Add colour to your cheeks
  • Finish off with a red touch

Wear Sunscreen

Okay, you should already be doing this regardless of the situation. Haldi rites are frequently performed outside, where prolonged exposure to the sun can permanently damage your skin. To protect your face, generously apply sunscreen to your body’s exposed areas.

Conceal your spots using concealer

For this ceremony, refrain from wearing mascara; after all, you don’t want to look overly made up. Concealer, on the other hand, is useful for hiding all of the dark spots and lines on the skin. That will make your problem area look perfect if you apply it there.

Neutral coloured eyeshadow

Get your hands on a cream-based eyeshadow stick in every medium shade if you can’t wait for a full-fledged wing eyeliner. Gold, rose gold, and champagne colours look fresh and photograph great! Don’t go overboard, though. The colour you use on your lips, cheeks, and eyelids may also be used on your eyelids.

Makeup artist for wedding

Highlight for natural glow

Get your hands on a cream-based eyeshadow stick in every medium shade if you can’t wait for a full-fledged wing eyeliner. Gold, rose gold, and champagne colours look fresh and photograph great! Don’t go overboard, though. The colour you use on your lips, cheeks, and eyelids may also be used on your eyelids.

Nude lipstick

Avoid wearing dark lipstick colours that can be too bright for a daytime event because most haldi rituals take place during the day. If you’re hesitant, ask your makeup artist to help you choose a lovely nude colour that goes well with your undertones. We decide on matte nude lipstick and keep in mind to apply lip balm first.

Light blush on

You only need little makeup at that time. You can create the ideal look by experimenting with colours and blending them with nude tints. In order to achieve a nice, classy, yet understated makeup look, brush up your cheekbones with light tones that complement your attire.

Fresh layers

The ultimate goal in whatever you do is to appear fashionable and young. Therefore, remember to use the necessary spray to keep your makeup in place. You don’t want to waste all of your hard work. The most important phase for outdoor, daytime ceremonies comes last but not least.

Makeup setting spray

You’re now ready to rock the entire look. Just spray some beauty fixer on your face to fix any lingering makeup. You won’t have to worry about your mascara fading or getting on the haldi-adding person’s hands.

How to avoid stained bright yellow skin on your haldi?

Although the Haldi is certainly entertaining, we are certain that no bride wants to resemble a member of the Simpson family afterward, which is very conceivable if you are on the fair side! Additionally, the hands and nails may turn brilliant yellow as well, which is not what you want gleaming brightly beneath your bridal mehendi. Therefore, we have your back with some tried-and-true suggestions that are ideal for your special day!

So, here are some advice and tricks that could be useful—some to be used as preventative measures and others to clean up the mess after!

Pick the right kind of haldi

Not the one we keep in our kitchens, which can also include artificial colouring. Choose a natural variety or powder some fresh turmeric. Do not combine with water, either. Milk can be added to it to counteract the staining effect.

Make a nice pack out of it with curd and besan

Huda Kattan swears by this particular pack, so why not just make a DIY pack entirely out of Haldi that won’t stain as much?

The colour of the Haldi can be softened by adding a pinch to a cup of yoghurt or besan while still receiving all of its therapeutic benefits.

Use vicco turmeric instead

Utilizing Vicco Turmeric is a safer option if you have sensitive skin or are unsure of how Haldi will affect your skin because it does not stain and has the full bright yellow colour that you’d need for Haldi photos. After removing it and placing it in a bowl, another suggestion is to add some haldi to it to make it more vibrant and Haldi-appropriate.

Or use sandalwood paste

You might add a tiny pinch of Haldi to sandalwood paste, also known as Chandan, which is naturally bright yellow in colour. Your skin will benefit from this and won’t be stained, either!

Use oil on expose skin before hand

Use the Holi trick to apply some coconut oil to your exposed body parts beforehand to create a barrier between your skin and the haldi. This will prevent you from staining your skin and prevent the haldi from staining like crazy.

Put a clear coat of nailpaint

We frequently focus on our faces, but have you ever considered the yellow mess Haldi leaves on the nails? To prevent yellowing of the nails, apply a clear coat of nail polish over the one you already have. For added protection, you might also add a vaseline coating on top of this.

Don’t forget you roots

A yellow scalp is the last thing you want. Apply some oil or vaseline to your scalp prior to preserve it.

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Don’t forget to take good care of yourself because the major event is waiting for you after the Haldi ceremony. You must, after all, dance, celebrate, and have a great time!

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