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Different types of eyebrow makeup for Indian women during winter

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Emma Watson, a legendary figure in the worlds of fashion, beauty, and feminism, has remarked that her eyebrows are her most important facial feature. The fact that their entire makeup look tends to fall apart if their brows are even slightly out of place hit home for many ladies who share this sentiment. Because your brows are one of the most distinctive characteristics of your face, this theory does have some support. Shape and filling them in accordance with facial forms, fashion, and aesthetics is a crucial part in any makeup regimen since they assist frame and connect your features. There are some timeless brow forms that have always been adaptable and look good on most face shapes and ages, despite the fact that we could talk all day about current brow trends.

Traditional brow forms are exquisite in their own right. The appropriate eyebrow shape is quite important, from the arch’s shape to the tail’s length and even thickness. We’ve used some of our favourite celebrities as examples and broken down their brow shapes to illustrate what makes them so adaptable.

Trending Eyebrow Makeup styles for Indian Women 2023

Tail arch

The most adaptable approach to contour and fill your brows is with a modest arch that extends toward the tail. The arch can even complement a very sharp jawline like that of Margot Robbie’s. This shape can do wonders for a face that is otherwise rounder by adding some sharp angular details. If you want to keep your hair out of your face but still want to add a framing detail to your face, this is a flattering shape for you.

Centre arch

A centre arch is the ideal cosmetic look if you want to boost up your cheekbones. By asking your brow specialist to remove stray hairs from the centre of your eyebrow, you can also sculpt a central arch. Avoid pulling on the arch directly since it may become too severe and give you the “always surprised” look. Additionally, using this brow shape might help symmetrically balance out wide faces.

High arch

A variation of the tail arch, this one adds additional intensity and definition to your appearance by rising well above the brow bone. This brow shape is one that you should keep up if you like extremely dramatic brows. But because high centre arches are a frequent stage makeup technique and throw off the equilibrium of your facial features, we advise making a higher arch towards the tail as much as feasible.

Minimal arch

Everybody’s natural eyebrows have a very little arch, which is the standard shape for most eyebrows. If you want to have your hair in little arch form, we advise quitting the habit of plucking and sticking to using a tweezer to remove stray hair. Fill in any bald places with brow pencil to give shape a little more definition; for a rich texture, use a coloured brow gel.

Straight eye brows

If your brow isn’t arched naturally, it probably falls into the straighter category. In a delicate, understated way, straight brows are really stylish. Avoid making an arch if your brows are straight naturally; instead, keep them combed with a spoolie. You can have your eyebrows professionally groomed if you want them to be straighter, and then maintain the brows anytime.

Tapered brows

Tapered brows are thick on the inner 2/3rd corner of brows and slightly arch down a bit to be lighter and thinner towards the end, making them possibly the most demanding maintenance design on our list. An expert eyebrow specialist must develop a tapered form because natural brows often have an even breadth throughout. Additionally, they require more frequent maintenance, with regular waxing and grooming being a necessity.

Rounded brows

Round brows are the only kind of beauty feature that will make girls swoon like never before. Rounded brows have rounder arches than the angular ones we saw earlier, creating the appearance of a fluffy cloud over your eyes. Anyone looking for a nice brow look can sport rounder brows, which are typically advised for angular faces. Products for the brows, such as brow powders and pomades, can help smooth out the bends and even out the curve.

Short and thick

We have one word for you if you’ve ever wondered what the secret is to Aditi Rao Hydari’s innocent, young gaze: eyebrows! This stunning woman always wears thick, short brows to complement her delicate features and petite face. Anyone who doesn’t have naturally long brows but wants a shape that is strong and stands out can rock short, thick brows. Therefore, if you don’t have a lot of natural brow growth, keep it short. Brow kohls are also useful for adding extra thickness.

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