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Top Makeup ideas for winter from best makeup artist in Delhi

Best makeup ideas for winter for women

Up until your skin starts to feel dry, stretched, and flaky, winter weddings are all fun. And if you’re the bride, this stretched patchiness won’t look well on your special day if you have expensive cosmetics on your face. Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, or skin with a combination of the three, patchy makeup can be annoying for just about anyone.

You require a flawless base and a pre-makeup procedure that keeps you appearing young and beautiful as the day or night’s events go. Therefore, we’ve gathered advice from industry professionals on how to prevent patchy makeup during winter weddings to assist you combat any winter beauty issues!

Take top Makeup ideas and tips for winter

Up Your Pre-Makeup Routine

It’s crucial to follow a pre-makeup procedure. To get a perfect base, you need a smooth canvas on which to put your makeup. You can’t go wrong with well-washed, toned, and hydrated skin in this situation. Make sure to incorporate a moisturising serum into your routine after locking your CTM. If your skin is extremely dry, using a moisturising primer like the LANEIGE Glowy Makeup Serum or the M.A.C Prep + Prime Fix+ is a fantastic idea. You can start applying your makeup as soon as your pre-makeup is ready!

Scrub For A Perfect Base

While everyone (including us) stresses the value of hydration, we frequently overlook the value of exfoliating your skin. Regular mild exfoliation is required to get smooth, supple skin by getting rid of any dry areas. Use an enzyme-based scrub, such as Innisfree Wine Peeling Jelly Softener, to exfoliate your skin. After that, thoroughly tone and moisturise your skin. Additionally, stay away from serums that contain vitamin A and vitamin c because they dry up the skin.

Use a foundation based on water

To prevent patchiness, picking a foundation with a water basis is a wise move. A water-based foundation will be softer and more moisturising on your skin than a silicone- or matte-based one. Additionally, the lovely dewy finish will only enhance the makeup’s elegance as you won’t have to wear it for very long.

Use A Ultra Moisturising Cream

If you have really dry or dehydrated skin, preparing your skin with a highly moisturising cream can undoubtedly help you achieve perfect, long-lasting makeup. One of the finest things you can do before doing makeup is to apply a cream to your face and let it on for 5 minutes. Once absorbed, continue massaging the cream into your skin. This will keep your skin moisturised for a longer time and keep it looking young throughout the day. This is conceivably the ideal method for preparing your skin and makeup for the winter. There are various ways in which you can get rid of dryness as explained by our makeup specialist in Delhi for dry skin treatment in winter

More creamy products, less matte ones

We all use social media, and the most popular topic in our online conversations is makeup. We are already aware of things like “baking” and the usage of matte powders thanks to it. However, it’s better to avoid using too much powder, silicone, or matte products while attempting to prevent dry and patchy makeup. To simply set your makeup, use translucent powder rather than baking it. Using too many matte cosmetics can cause your layers to get dry. Similar to this, avoid utilising setting sprays that include alcohol and instead choose ones that are moisturising.

Add A Sheet Mask

Utilizing a sheet mask is one of the greatest ways to combat seasonal dryness. Use a sheet mask to soften and hydrate your skin before applying makeup. We advise using sheet masks on a regular basis, especially before your wedding festivities start. The more moisturised your skin is, the more likely you are to achieve a perfect, dewy base.

Lip Care Is Essential

We are all aware of how short-lived cream-based lipsticks are. Unfortunately, long-wear lipsticks can result in chapped, dry lips. Taking care of your lips is therefore essential. Always keep petroleum jelly or lip balm on your lips during the winter. You can get a lip mask once a week to give your lips more suppleness.

Final Words

In order to look your best on your party day during the winter wedding season, make sure your makeup is flawless and dewy. Now that the era of completely matte makeup is over, we’re joyfully moving in the direction of a more supple, dewy, and moisturised look that can make a women seem like a million bucks with the best of makeup and touches.

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